Organize clients and ppprojects with freelancer focus tool

Complex CRMs are overkill, and Notion setup takes forever? Track tasks, keep notes, and stay on top of deadlines in one place.

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Manage Projects, Not Complexity.

With ppprojects, you get straight to work without the fuss. It's a simple, intuitive platform designed for freelancers and small teams. Focus on what matters, not on configuration


Keep track of projects status, organize tasks, write notes and organize project with kanban boards.


Keep track of customers, create leads, organize tasks and notes.


Get to work completely for free with out generous free plan. Upgrade anytime for even more features. Choose the plan that fits your needs and enjoy flexible pricing with no hidden fees.


Ideal for freelancers and small teams starting out

up to 7 projects
up to 7 companies
up to 100 MB of attachments
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unlimited projects
unlimited companies
up to 100 GB of attachments